Sustainable, Eco-Conscious Services Available Nationwide


Clinical & Offensive Waste

Disposing of this waste effectively is especially important in a pharmaceutical environment, in hospitals and in all kinds of healthcare settings.  more  

Commercial Waste and Mixed Recycling

By understanding the waste produced by your business, we will help, wherever possible, to move items up the waste hierarchy.   more  

Commodity Trading

If your business operations produce a large amount of recyclable material, we’ll help you recoup money that could otherwise (literally) end up in the bin.   more  

Food & Green Waste

Holly Blue is here to help your business dispose of that waste in a more efficient and sustainable manner.   more  

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is a significant focus of ours, here at Holly Blue, as it is defined as anything that is harmful to human beings or to the environment.   more  

Pallet Refurbishment and Wood Recycling

When it comes to transport and product distribution, pallets are an essential part of all businesses.   more  

Secure Destruction

Confidential waste covers a wide range of different waste types, from products that have been recalled due to their defective nature or confidential documents.   more  

Waste Machinery/Equipment

Collecting, separating and preparing your waste materials for collection and recycling is key to obtaining the best rebates and offering operational benefits.  more  

WEEE Waste

Standing for “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment,” WEEE waste includes all kinds of unwanted, damaged or broken electrical appliances.   more  

Workshop Waste and Mineral Oils

When it comes to the smooth and successful operation of any workshop, be it a garage or production line, waste is an inevitability.  more