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Industrial Cardboard and Plastic Recycling Solutions
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The reality of any business operating today is that, if you want to provide a good service for your customers that’s also profitable for you, you’ll end up producing a significant amount of waste. This is true across almost all industries nationwide. Fortunately, that’s where Holly Blue step in, with our service for commercial waste management, based in Colchester but available nationwide. We’re named for the Holly Blue butterfly but, if there’s one colour that truly defines us, it’s green. We specialise in waste commodities, such as cardboard and plastic, so that your business can run greener, whilst generating your money at the same time. Ours is a bespoke, personalised service, designed specifically around the needs of your business.

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Save Cash
Save the Planet.

It’s a win-win!

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Waste Management Services

We offer a variety of services for commercial waste management, in Colchester and around the country, with each offering tailored specifically to your business. We deal with all kinds of waste, from a wide variety of industries and locations. Such waste includes general, mixed recycling, wood, plastic, cardboard and food. In all circumstances we do our best to provide a solution. Take a look at our Services page for more information.

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Commercial Waste Management in Colchester


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Operating Across the Country

We offer our services for waste commodity recycling and commercial waste management in Colchester, across the entire county and throughout the nation. Thanks to over 13 years of experience in the industry, we have a wide network of partners who can assist us in efficiently managing your waste and increasing your recycling rates.

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A lot of companies will look in your bins and decide what to do with what’s there. We want to take things one step further and work out how the waste ended up there in the first place. Our approach to commercial waste management, in Colchester or wherever you have the need for waste removal, is individually tailored for each business we serve. The ethos, however, is always the same – “how do we manage this waste in the most efficient, environmentally-friendly way possible?”

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Need Help with Your Business’ Waste ?

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